1. Foodiestrip is the place where to begin the dialogue between those who love eating and drinking out and those who serve these “social rituals”. An open, clean and rich dialogue. Of course not limited to the sterile stars used in some reviews.
  2. Foodiestrip is Italian. It is therefore born with a cultural DNA that says that eating and drinking is a complex system of values and emotions. They go from culinary delights to the simple pleasure of “enjoying time together”, from a style choice to the search of something new. In Italy, even just a coffee, is more than a drink to wake up.
  3. Foodiestrip began by declaring war on fake reviews. Today it does more: it transformed the review in a series of learning points that can help business owners knowing and going towards customers' needs in a more effective way. In the name of a mutual satisfaction and not a “talent show”.
  4. On Foodiestrip the information is reliable because the experience is personal but mediated by the objectivity of the questionnaires. Just like on social media if I read a friend's post I know how to “weight it”. Because I know him, I trust my friend and I know what are the things we have in common and what we don't. On Foodiestrip if I see that a reviewer has the same tastes and evaluation methods as mine, that evaluation will be more effective for me.
  5. Foodiestrip is the promoter of a new eating-out culture. Because Foodies will have on their smartphones a real guide not only to meet their expectations. But also to meet new and “out of the box” experiences.