Eight years old, third grade, thin bodies and a substantial indifference for sport. In other words, the art of drawing bullies attention and to be those friends that usually are not among the most popular at school. Then, there are such events in life – a move, different schools, … - that can move friends apart. And if finding new friends is difficult, for bullies there is no problem. You can find them everywhere. Just like mosquitoes in summer. And among lots of mosquitoes, in the hot summer of 1985, that Fabrizio find again his lifelong-childhood friend, sitting on the other side of the courtyard and they become inseparable. They grow up together playing rugby, spending a few days at the beach and a lot, a lot of time in front of their computers. In 2012 they create Wiloca and they involve other people. They work for the Italian Bible of the gourmet. On a summer evening in Rome after visiting the headquarter of that notorious guide, the Foodiestrip's idea came up. Yes, because Foodiestrip arrived over dinner. During the next three years, the three principal inventors, Fabrizio Doremi, Alessio Poliandri and Alessandro Capretti spend time and financial resources implementing their idea.

After an initial conceptual stage, between 2013 and 2014, the project starts to take shape and in 2014 the three co-founders are joined by Roberto Massi, who brings his financial knowledge (besides a network of contacts from Asia and USA). It is a frantic time, when the foodiestrip's team starts to invest in research and data acquisition. But they soon realize that such an ambitious project cannot be carried on without a financial backer. The team starts to look around and for a year and a half they attend pitches and diligences in Italy and abroad.

At an elevator pitch in New York on November 15th 2015 the App is welcomed with enthusiasm and its revolutionary significance is acknowledged.

The turning point comes on June 25th 2016. Doremi receives a call: on the other side there is Luigi Lucentini, an investor looking for talents for more than a year. He heard about the Foodiestrip's project on a report published after the New York's elevator pitch and he is ready to get involved.

The rest is recent history: the economic assessments done by the EOD, the business plan and the revenue went well. Hence, the project developed the initial intuition and the foodiestrip's crew has been enriched with further technical and creative competences.

Foodiestrip, the result of years of dreams, sleepless nights, tensions, fears, certitudes and sudden enthusiasm today, it is a reality.