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foodiestrip-la Repubblica
Better safe than sorry. Relying on web reviews might be dangerous, this is why foodiestrip is born. An app 100% Italian that comes from an idea of Fabrizio Doremi and Alessio Poliandri, from le Marche. The app fights fake reviews by first verifying that the reviewer has really consumed in the concerned business, to promote a constructive exchange among restaurateurs and customers.
la Repubblica, june 7 2018
Foodiestrip, the app that fights fake reviews
foodiestrip-Corriere della Sera
Foodiestrip met a challenge: becoming the anti-fake-news tool in the world of food business. By means of a patented check-in and a smart algorithm, Fabrizio and Alessio want to try to “put back in people's hands the evaluation of food businesses. Today we assist to a loss in value of certain platforms and socials, just because of fake news. Of course, we can't expect to strike them definitely, once for all, but we want to make an attempt, at least”
Corriere della Sera, may 25 2018
Apps for Food Lovers
foodiestrip-il Sole 24 Ore
Both restaurateurs and customers suffer the consequences of those reviews on food quality that lack any kind of foundation in objectivity (it happens pretty often), or worst, in truth. Foodiestrip, a platform that reduces the risk of fake reviews and brings to life a system of authentic reviews, it is also an app for Iphone and smartphone Android…
il Sole 24 Ore, may 31 2018
Foodiestrip: the new app to review restaurants, for real
foodiestrip-Vanity Fair
Two guys from San Benedetto del Tronto invented it, with the objective of "bringing peace and order in the world of keyboard critics and restaurateurs". The app satisfies everybody, as it has been conceived to avoid fake reviews and create useful ones, useful for those who received it and for those who use it to make a choice.
Vanity Fair, may 21 2018
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