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  • Experiences need to be rationalized to be helpful.
    #foodiestrip reviews use the check-in technology and a 5000-question database to help users to be at their best
  • No more fake reviews.
    The user decides the success of a restaurant in the platform and not the other way round. How do we do that? Optimizing data, cutting the wrong ones and deleting fake profiles
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    Use our suggestions, certifications and the initiatives planned just for you. Follow us and get tips you might need
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    Do you need an influential advise on what and where to eat? Wherever you are, you have friends ready to help you
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    When entering a restaurant we don't eat food but experiences and emotions. #foodiestrip lets you do it two times, at the table and in the community.
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    foodiestrip has a database of 500,000 businesses (restaurants, bars, pubs, truck food, wine bars, agribusiness), collected by our foodies all over the world.


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    foodiestrip provides free information about the restaurant. On the restaurant card you can find more information, interactive maps and statistics about other people following the business.

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